Used Crane Mats

Budget-Friendly Used Mats

An Environmentally Sound Choice

Buckeye Mats offers competitive pricing nationwide inventory of used construction mats. 

With continued supply through our re-purchase program and constant efforts to procure mats through our contractors, we understand the price and environmental advantages of re-using all types of mats.  Our rigid grading criteria ensures you receive the right used mat for your job. Generally, mats have only been used once prior to repurchase.

Our experienced grader ensures the quality of our used mats,  and we stand by our work. Our grading guidelines:

Grade A Used Mats

  • Mats have minimal wear.
  • All timbers are intact/tight between rods.
  • No missing or bent rods.
    * Generally, mats have only been used once prior.

Grade B Used Mats

  • Mats have more wear & tear than Grade A.
  • Mats are still intact and timbers may have slightly loosened between rods but are still usable.
  • Ends of mats may be worn.
    * These mats have generally been used more than once, but still have plenty of life left.


Grade C Used Mats

  • Mats have significant wear and tear, as well as possible missing and broken rods.
  • Buckeye Mats does not generally sell Grade C mats, unless needed for a specific jobsite use, for example, as fillers or the foundation for other mats higher grade mats.
Used Mats

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