Timber Mats

Timber Mats - Versatile, Customizable

Mixed Hardwood, Oak or Douglas Fir

Timber Mats are the workhorses of the heavy equipment mat industry. Made from mixed hardwoods (including oak) and Douglas fir, Buckeye timber mats are always in stock at our nationwide locations.

Timber mats stabilize heavy equipment, and provide reliable sturdy access roads, bridge matting and staging areas. Douglas fir timber mats are often used for floating mats, hardwood is typically used for pipeline skids.

Our long-term partnerships with reliable saw mills keep our 77+ North American strategic inventory locations stocked and ready to ship.

Buckeye timber mats are offered in standard sizes and custom configurations. The mats are notched to expose bolts or cables for crane lifts, in lengths up to 40’ for the big jobs. Delivery is by truck or rail.

Timber Crane Mats
Standard Digging/Timber Mat Sizes in Stock:
8" x 4' x 16' Notched & Solid Hardwoods
8" x 4' x 18' Notched Hardwoods
8" x 4' x 20' Notched Hardwoods
Custom Sizes Available

Buy, Rent, Lease or Purchase With Buyback

Used Crane Mats for Sale, Rent or Lease

Depending on your job, used construction mats could be a perfect fit. Buckeye Mats offers used mats in several grades – call us for delivery and pricing information. Ask us about rental, leased and buyback programs.

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