Mat Rentals, Leases & Buybacks

DuraBase mats for sale or rent

Mat Rentals and Leases

Rental or leased crane mats are a good choice for short-term jobs or situations where long-term storage is not feasible. Just tell us when and where you need the mats, and how long. We'll deliver them and pick the up when you're ready. It’s that simple.

Buckeye offers the following types of rental and leased mats:

Crane mats
Bridge mats
Dragline mats
3-Ply laminated mats
Composite mats
Rig mats


Mats Buyback Program

When you buy mats from Buckeye Mats, we can offer a re-purchase agreement. We offer a guarantee to purchase all re-useable mats from you, at a pre-determined price upon completion of your project.
This allows you to move on to the next job without worrying about storing materials you may not need again in the near future.

Sell us your used crane mats!

Buckeye Mats is always interested in purchasing good used construction mats throughout the country. If you have mats available, or coming available soon, that you’d like to sell, please contact us and we’d be happy to consider an offer.

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