Outrigger Pads

Safety for Heavy Equipment

Timber Outrigger Pads

Often required on job sites involving cranes and other heavy equipment, outrigger pads help distribute weight over a wider footprint than the equipment. This stabilizes the equipment and provides essential safety for personnel and lifting loads.

Soil load-bearing capacity determines the type and grade of your outrigger pad project.  We factor conditions into the exact type of equipment you’ll be supporting, and make our product recommendations on the spot. Timber outrigger pads are offered with bolts and hooks, and can be customized.

In addition to safe and stable equipment handling for cranes, backhoes and other large machinery, concern for environmentally sensitive job sites often demands  outrigger pad deployment.  

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Why Outrigger Pads?

Stabilize Heavy Equipment

  • Marsh or wetland jobs
  • Marine construction
  • Uneven ground conditions
  • Temporary roadway applications in environmentally sensitive sites
  • Extreme variables of soil conditions such as mud, weather-related surface impact
  • Sandy or gritty, unstable surfaces
  • Sites with regulations requiring outrigger pads

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