Mats Buyback

Budget Friendly Buyback Program

Take advantage of the Buckeye Mats Buyback program and save big bucks. Purchase your mats outright, and we'll buy them back when your job is complete.

Mat buybacks are a good option for projects with undetermined length, and no further need for the type or quantity of mats purchased when the job ends. 

Our Buyback clients prefer to avoid warehousing  construction materials with uncertain future job needs.


Strategic Mat Buybacks

Ask us about the many approaches to our heavy equipment mat buyback program. It makes good sense.

Buyback Mats

Sell Us Your Used Crane Mats

Buckeye Mats may be interested in purchasing good used construction mats throughout the country. If you have heavy equipment mats available that you’d like to sell, please contact us and we’d be happy to consider an offer.

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